Manage, Monitor & Monetize
All your campaign links with Mirum GoURL link shortener


API based shortening

Generate short URL on near real time

Bulk shortening

Shorten large number of URLs in almost no time

Auto expiry of campaign URLs

Define auto expiry of shortened links to avoid misuse

Generate static short URLs

Create short links that never expires and drives higher engagement

Campaign tracking

Monitor number of clicks and smartly optimize the future campaigns

QR codes for short URL

Get offline customers to online channels with a simple QR code

White labeling of short domain

Use Brand name on the shortened link for a better recall and conversion

Generate custom ending for short URLs

Define short codes and connect with customers better

Reporting dashboard

Define short codes and connect with customers better

Track IP address

Know the users better by knowing their IP addresses

Track click time stamp

Improve the conversion by knowing and optimizing the click time

Track User agent

Get the browser and OS details of the user for designing effective campaigns


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